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Mission Statement

Rolling River School Division, in partnership with parents and community,
provides a quality education, within a safe and caring learning environment, encouraging personal excellence, with dignity and respect for all. Rolling River School Division commits to graduating students who have the knowledge, skills and values that empower them to contribute positively and meaningfully in an ever changing local and global community.

Belief Statement

We believe:
- All students have the ability to learn and achieve success.
- All students are unique and learn in different ways.
- All students are valued for their individual gifts, talents and diversity.
- All students can conduct themselves in an ethical manner.
- All students can positively influence their world.


Superintendent’s Message – Reg Klassen

At times education seems to be an elusive entity that exists in the midst of countless interpretations of what education should look like. As a society, we would argue that it is very important, so much so that we have legislation directing many aspects of education throughout our country. However, as we all know, legislation does not guarantee success. Added to this “no guarantee” is the fact that success in our ever changing world can be and is measured in a multitude of ways. So then, how do we sort our way through this seemingly convoluted challenge of education?

Of course I have a number of notions of how we might face that challenge and achieve that success but will focus on one that I deem to be extremely important. Let me begin by stating that education is everybody’s business. We all need to view education as our collective responsibility simply because its impact on our society will remain with us a long time. I also believe this responsibility should challenge all of us to spend more time in dialogue, discussion, and asking questions about educational topics and issues. This dialogue, discussion, and questioning should be an ongoing activity, not just when we see our tax bill or when we are dissatisfied with a particular aspect of education. All members of the community need to be a part of this conversation, not just parents, students, and employees of the school division. With everyone involved in the conversation we create a platform for making good decisions. In her book turning to one another, Margaret Wheatley says that “when we humans don’t talk to one another, we stop acting intelligently”. She goes on to say that “conversation is the natural way that humans think together”.

Reg Klassen


- Excellence in Education
- Healthy Living
- Sustainable Future
- Community Partnerships

Rolling River School Division is located in south-western Manitoba, Canada. The Division covers approximately 3000 square kilometers and includes four high schools, eight elementary schools, four colony schools and an Adult Learning Centre. The Division Office is located in Minnedosa, Manitoba.

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