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Traffic Flow

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Effective Monday, June 12, 2017, a new Traffic Flow procedure will take effect at Tanners Crossing and the Minnedosa Collegiate.

Signs have been put in place for anyone dropping off or picking up students at either school.

We are asking for your cooperation in implementing these new procedures that will ensure the safety of all students and walking traffic in and around our schools.

  • South side of Armitage Ave in front of MCI will be designated pickup and drop off zones for private vehicles.  This will be a NO PARKING zone during the drop off and pickup times.
  • There will be no stopping along the eastside of 4th Street NW (north of Tanners Crossing)
  • Staff parking lot will no longer be used as a drive thru for parents to drop off students.
      • No Entry, Staff Only sign is in place

RCMP will be helping enforce the traffic flow changes during the implementation period.

Traffic Flow diagram

Thank you for helping ensure the safety

of our children.

- RRSD Board of Trustees and Administration