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Board of Trustees

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The Rolling River School Division Board of Trustees consists of ten trustees.

Regular board meetings will usually be held twice per month on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Tanner's Crossing School.

Please check the activity calendar to confirm actual dates and times of board meetings as occasionally the meetings are 

Shelley Livingstone1 - Douglas, Forrest, Rapid Cityslivingstone@rrsd.mb.ca
Hayley Marshall1 - Douglas, Forrest, Rapid Cityhmarshall@rrsd.mb.ca
Carole Black2 - Oak River, Rivers, Cardalecblack@rrsd.mb.ca
Lawrence McFarlane2 - Oak River, Rivers, Cardalelmcfarlane@rrsd.mb.ca
Ken Cameron3 - Minnedosa & Areakcameron@rrsd.mb.ca
Barbra Gilleshammer3 - Minnedosa & Areabgilleshammer@rrsd.mb.ca
Shauna Sotas-Burton3 - Minnedosa & Areasburton@rrsd.mb.ca
Terryl Maduke (Chair)4 - Onanole, Erickson, Sandy Laketmaduke@rrsd.mb.ca
Crystal Erickson4 - Onanole, Erickson, Sandy Lakecerickson@rrsd.mb.ca
Victoria Blackbird 5 - Rolling River First Nationvblackbird@rrsd.mb.ca

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