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The Rolling River School Division Administration Office, Minnedosa MB,  will be closed on October 20 & 21, 2016.

Effective October 24, 2016, the Administration Office will be located at 36 Armitage Avenue, Minnedosa, MB.

 The Transportation Garage will remain located at

154 Main Street South, Minnedosa, MB.

 (entrance by the garage door)


The Rolling River School Division

Board of Trustees  invites interested individuals to present their views on educational and budget priorities for the Board of Trustees to consider in setting the 2017-2018 budget. You may do this through written submission or making a presentation at a Board meeting.

Please submit a written submission or forward a letter / email requesting

to make a presentation at a Board meeting to the attention of: 

Rolling River School Division

c/o Kathlyn McNabb, Secretary-Treasurer

Box 1170

Minnedosa MB R0J 1E0


The Board of Trustees of the Rolling River School Division is pleased to provide a Universal Student Accident Insurance Program covering all students registered in the Rolling River School Division. 

The insurance provides coverage for all full time students registered in the Rolling River School Division while: 

  1. in or on school buildings or premises by reason of attending classes on any regular school day;
  2. in attendance at or participating in any school activity approved and supervised by a proper school authority, whether at school or elsewhere;
  3. traveling directly to or from any regularly scheduled and approved school activity under the direction or supervision of a proper school authority;
  4. traveling directly to or from their residence and school for the purpose of attending classes or participating in any school sponsored activity.
  5. participating in physical education activities taking place as part of the grades 9 to 12 Physical Education Curriculum as approved by proper school authority;
  6. engaged in the performance of the duties assigned to the Insured Person while he/she is participating in a school approved work experience program.  

    Please note that the coverage provided by this plan compliments but does not replace the voluntary student accident insurance that is offered and available through Reliable Life Insurance each fall. The coverage is excess of benefits provided by Manitoba Health and excess of benefits available to the student under any group benefits program.