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Forrest Grade 8 girls attend Young Women's Conference

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​Young Women's Conference

On Tuesday April 3rd the grade 8 girls of Forrest Elementary attended the Brandon Young Women's Conference. The Conference was held at both ACC campuses.


The purpose of the Young Women's Conference is to let young women experience the trades. Since the trades are sometimes thought of as "boys' jobs", the YWC aims to breakdown those stereotypes so that girls know that they can do anything boys can.


The grade 8 girls participated in activities around several jobs. The trades that were explored in the morning of the 3rd were police studies, radio, Virtual Reality experience, civil tec. and wiring.



In the afternoon, the girls had a chance to try plumbing, welding, heavy-duty mechanics, carpentry and electrical.


The Young Women's Conference was a great experience for the grade 8 girls. It was educational and fun!

Emma H.