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Lines of Change for Change

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Forrest Elementary Student leadership has completed our last fundraisers of the year for the month of May. 

Lines of change for change. 

We encouraged all kids to bring change to school. (Nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies and toonies.) Then at the end of May we lined up the change in the hallway and whichever class had the longest line got a prize! All change will be going towards next years start up for Student Council and in order to be a WE Day involved school, we will be giving a monetary donation to support kids in need of educational supplies in Tanzania, East Africa.

Thanks to all staff, students and community members for supporting the work of student leadership throughout the 2016-2017 school year.


Here are the results of our Lines of Change for Change

Kindergarten- 14 m 95 cm

Grade 1- 8 m 61 cm

Grade 2- 4 m 18 cm

Grade 3- 9 m 8 cm

Grade 4 - 6 m 55 cm

Grade 5- 3 m 18 cm

Grade 6 L- 14 m 95.5 cm

Grade 6 D- 11 m 52 cm

Grade 7- 20 m 39 cm

Grade 8 - 2 m 81.5 cm

thumbnail_003 (2).jpgthumbnail_004 (2).jpg

Congratulations to our winning classroom with the longest Lines- Kindergarten and Grade 7!

Thank you Forrest for your coin donations, together we raised $573