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Thank you Mat!

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For the 2016-2017 school year, Mat Vaudry an Elton Collegiate Student (and former Forrest Elementary student) completed the Teen Mentorship training through Big Brothers and Sisters of Brandon. Mat was then able to be a volunteer Teen Mentor to a student at Forrest Elementary School.

As part of the program, they would meet every week with their mentees during school hours for an hour. They used their time together to do fun activities, be a positive role model and give the younger student something to look forward to in their week.

When Mat was volunteering at Forrest Elementary school, he noticed that his mentee student did not have headphones to use when they worked in the computer lab. Mat contacted Forrest Elementary School and he decided to donate five sets of headphones for the Forrest Elementary computer lab for students use.

Thank you Mat for your generosity!