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Apr 09
PT Interviews

Report Cards will go out this week for High School Students. We will be hosting Parent Teacher Interviews (Jr. High & Sr. High) on Thursday April 12th (4:00-7:00pm) and Friday April 13 (9:00am-Noon). Teachers will be unavailable on the afternoon of the 13th, as they will be involved in planning meetings for next school year.

We had a wonderful turnout for our fall PT Interviews and look forward to seeing you later this week.

Mike Klassen

Apr 09
Humbolt Broncos Support
By now, you are all likely aware of the unfortunate bus accident that occurred this past weekend in Saskatchewan. So many people, far and wide have been affected by the deaths of the 15 athletes, coaches, team personel and supporters of the Humbolt Broncos. Along with the family, friends, and supporters, we must recongnize the first aid responders and medical personel who were involved in assisting on the scene and those who continue to work with the injured passengers. They will be affected for life.

How many of our children, friends, family have taken a bus to a game in a neighbouring town?  We may all know someone more directly involved or affected by this accident. It has struck many deep in our hearts because it could have occurred anywhere at any time. What we are observing are people standing together to support a community dealing with this devastating event.  

This morning, our school met in our gymnasium for a brief moment of silence and opportunity to discuss the support of the Humbolt community. People from all over the world have heard about this tragedy and are offering their support through kind words, gestures and financial help. If our own students at RCI are stuggling or need the opportunity to speak to an adult or counsellour, we are available to assist them. Please let us know (204.328.5364).

Considering our RCI Hockey Academy, Rivers/Elton Rage team, local community hockey teams and children of our own involved in community activities....we are connected. I cannot even begin to think about what the families or community are currently dealing with. Hockey often unites our country, province, communities, or schools in a very different way. This event is having an affect on people not only in the hockey community but in many areas of life. It has touched our hearts. Please, take a moment tonight and hold your children closer. Life is precious and clearly very fagile.    

On Thursday, April 12th, 2018, RCI will (along with many other RRSD schools) host  Jersey Day in support of the Humbolt Broncos and their community. We will be collecting funds at the school and then submitting fund to the Humbolt Broncos.  We are asking for students, parents, and our community to donate $1.00 or any other amount towards the Humbolt Broncos:

Take care.

Mike Klassen

Nov 14
November 2017

Dear Students and Parents,

Here we go again….somehow it is almost time for our Christmas/Winter Break. It is hard to believe we are only six weeks away! With that said, please note report cards are coming up soon!

Important dates:

November 20-22:   Report Cards will be sent home

November 23:      Parent Teacher Interviews  (4:00pm-7:00pm)

November 24:      Parent Teacher Interviews  (9:00am-12:00noon)

Nov 30 - Dec 1:    MHSAA Varsity Boys & Girls Provincial "A" Volleyball 

                                (RCI hosting @ Brandon University).

December 5:         Christmas 7-12 Band Concert 7:00pm

December 22:      Last Day of Classes!!

December 22:    XMAS Hockey Classic (Riverdale C.C. @ 12 Noon)

                             Rivers/Elton Rage vs. Minnedosa Chancellors

January 8:             Classes Resume


Farewell to Staff: Over the past couple of months, we have had a number of staffing changes in our school. We have all of our staffing completed now and hope for some smooth sailing going into 2018. I would like to thank Kathleen Slashinsky for being part of our Junior High staff for just over 1 month….Kathleen was a wonderful addition to our school, however, Kathleen returned to Westview Colony as Principal in October.  I would also like to send out a huge thank you to Adele Harrison. Adele took over our Guidance Counsellour position a couple years ago and was a big part of our Student Support Team at RCI. Adele will continue to work with our school in her new position as the RRSD Social Worker. Good Luck Adele. We would also like to congratulate Jaimee Waldner and husband, Kevin, on the arrival of their daughter, Ella.


Hello to New Staff: I would like to welcome a number of new staff members to our RCI Team. First, welcome to new Educational Assistants, Anita Krahn and Carmen Jarvis. Next, I would like to introduce our new guidance counsellour, Marilyn Roe and new Grade 7 classroom teacher, Lenea Goriak. All positions on our staff are now filled. If you have a chance, stop in and welcome our new staff members.


Powerschool Parent Portal (reports/marks/grades—online): A reminder to parents and students that grades and attendance are available to view online through the Powerschool Parent Portal. If you would like to set up an account, please contact our main office for instructions.

Parents & Students:

Below is an example of a reading study completed by Nagy & Herman (1987). Although the data is several years old, the information remains consistent in today's research. The benefits of reading (and/or completing course homework) has a long-lasting effect on student learning and performance in school. As a school, we encourage students to complete homework daily and challenge themselves beyond the course requirements. If students are considering further education beyond high school at any level: University, College, Trades School or any professional training, they will be required to commit their own time to learning and completing course outcomes.


Unfortunately, as seen in our Tell Them From Me (TTFM-Our School) Survey 2016-17, only an approximate 4% of our students complete any homework on a regular basis. This issue requires the assistance of parents and students to commit to their learning and work with us. As a parent, if you are consistently told that there is NO HOMEWORK, question that statement and seek information from our teaching staff. At the very least, ask your child to read something/anything on a daily basis. In addition, if you sign up for the Powerschool Parent Portal this will provide you with access to see what assignments are missing, grades and attendance throughout the year. If you have any questions regarding registering for the portal, please contact our main office @ 204.328.5364.

Reading minutes Example.png

Mike Klassen

Sep 25
RRSD 2018-19 Budget

Dear Parent Council/Parent Group.

Currently, RCI does not have a parent advisory group however, I felt it necessary to pass on information form our RRSD Board regarding the 2018-19 education & budget process.

The Board invites your organization to present it's views on educational  and budget priorities for the Board to consider in setting the 2018-19 budget. You may do this through written submission or by making a presentation at a board meeting.

Please submit a written submission for the Board's review to   or   you can forward a letter or email to make a presentation at a Board meeting. Please forward this request to the Board care of Kathlyn Mcnabb, Secretary Treasurer. She will contact you to schedule a presentation.

A public presentation of the proposed budget is scheduled for March 7, 2018 @ 7:00pm @ the RRSD Division Administration Office, 36 Armitage Avennue, Minnedosa, MB.

You can review the Division's 2017-18 Action Plan at and search under the Governance--Action Plan link.

Any questions please give me a call.

Mike Klassen

Sep 19
Important Dates & Information

September 15, 2017

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome back! I hope you all had an enjoyable summer and have settled into the first full week of classes. Parents should have received a Registration Package to review, sign and return to Rivers Collegiate. We have also included the School Fees invoice (grades 9-12 only) and other information. If you have not seen any of this information please ask your son or daughter. Students should now all have finalized timetables and schedules for first semester. If you have any questions, please stop in or give us a call.

Important dates:

September 19:     Open House. We invite all students and parents to attend a meet and greet evening from 5:30-7:00pm. We will be serving hotdogs and drinks (Free of Charge).

September 20:     Vision & Hearing Screening Tests (Gr. 7, 9, 11 and any others upon request) & Bus Evacuation Training (All students).

September 26:     PICTURE DAY! (AM only)

September 27:     2016-17 Undergrad Awards Ceremony 1:30 pm. Parents & community members are welcome to attend.

October 9:             No School (Thanksgiving Day)

October 16:          Westman Youth Choir performance @ RCI Gymnasium from 10:30-11:15am.

October 20:          No School (Provincial Teacher PD)

November 13:      No School (High School In-service)

November 24:      Parent Teacher Interviews (K-12)

Nov 30 - Dec 1:    MHSAA Varsity Boys & Girls Provincial "A" Volleyball (RCI hosting @ Brandon University).

December 5:         Christmas 7-12 Band Concert 7:00pm

December 22:      Last Day of Classes!!


Admin & Support/Teacher Staff:                    

Principal                 Mike Klassen                        

Secretary               Carol Fortune                      

Resource               Angela Roberts                    

Guidance               Adele Harrison                    

SSF                          Patti Kent                             

Career Prep          Jessica Raupers                   

Librarian                 Kerry Veitch                         

EA's                         Shauna Paddock                 

                                Luella Mikkelson                 

                                Rebekka Miller                    

                                Jaimee Waldner

                                Anita Krahn                                          

Custodian              Ted Mayor

Cleaner                  Chris Windsor                      

 Classroom Teachers:

We look forward to working with you. Have a great year!

Mike Klassen


Rivers Collegiate

Sep 16
No School/Open House/Undergrad Awards/Picture Day

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. We are busy underway with the 2016-17 school year at RCI. All students should now have completed and up to date timetables. Parents are able to access student information on the Parent Portal (attendance, grades, courses etc...). If you have not registered for this please contact our main office for information.

Important upcoming Dates:

Sept 19 & 20th: No School (PD & Inservice). Parents are also welcome to attend an evening workshop (Understanding Popular Youth Culture) session in Minnedosa (6:30-8:30pm). Information was sent home with students this week about this event.

Sept 21: Open House (5:30--7:00pm)

Sept 22: Undergrad Awards (1:30pm-3:15pm) will take place durin the day this year as we want to celebrate our student successes. In past years many students were unable to attend due to after school committments. Parents and community memers are welcome to attend.

Sept 23: Picture Day!! (AM) & a Community Tree Planting event in conjunction with the CN Eco-Connexion Grant will take place in the afternoon for many of our students.

Again, welcome back and I look forward to a wonderful year at RCI.

Mike Klassen

May 26
School Cancelled today/Dance & Gr. 6 Parent meeting Postponed

​Due to the power outage overnight, school has been cancelled today. As well, we have decided to re-schedule the Dance and Parent meeting to another day if we can arrange it. We will provide information about this early next week.

Thank you,

Mike Klassen

Apr 07
Rain Barrel Fundraiser April 4th-18th, 2016

Are you interested in saving money and water? The Rivers Wetland Centre of Excellence has the the right product for you.

As part of our Wetland Centre of Excellence we are holding a Rain Barrel Fundraiser this month. Please see the below link to view the various styles of rain barrels and accessories. These are high quality food grade plastic barrels. I personally have two and will be purchasing another two for my home. They are excellent around the garden or near flower beds.

1. You must PRE-ORDER your barrel between April 4th-18th in order to get one.

2. Pick Up Date is Friday May 6th @ Rivers Collegiate

3. Call or email if you need some assistance or have questions about the productrs. 204.328.5364 or

Online order site:




Apr 07
Parent Teacher Interviews April 2016

RCI will be hosting Parent Teacher intervews on April 14th 4pm-7pm & April 15 9am-Noon.

Report cards should go home by April 13th, 2016

If you are unable to attend either of those days please contact the teachers you are interested in seeing and set up an alternate meeting time or phone call time.

Apr 08
Parent Teacher Interviews & Undergrad Awards

Parent Teacher Interviews :

Thursday April 16th from 4:00pm-6:30pm and;              Friday April 17th from 9:00am-12noon.

2014 Undergrad Awards: April 16th @ 6:45pm

With the delay of our gymnasium this past fall/winter we were forced to delay many of our school activities and events including our 2014 Undergrad Awards celebration.

As late as this may be, we do feel it is important to recognize these students and allow parents the opportunity to attend this celebration. Following the Thursday (April 16th) evening Parent Teacher Interviews we finally be able to host our Undergrad Awards. This will begin at 6:45pm and should only last approximately one hour. We hope you will be able to join us for this event.

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