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Staff contacts

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​Mike Klassen​​496
​Carol Fortune​Admin​495
​Marilyn RoeGuidance​​498
​Jennifer BrownEA​
​Curt Cornish7-10 Science, 11/12 Biology, 11/12​502
Lenea Goriak

7 ELA, Science, SS, Math​508
​Kendra Hanson​Gr. 7/8 PE & SS, Gr. 8 ELA &​516
Bruce Helgeson​7-10 Hockey​514

​Melanie Henry

​Patti KentSSF​​507
​Daniel Kiazyk​9/11 Art, 10 Geography, 10 Outdoor Ed, 11 CTS, 11 History, 12 Global Issues​517
​Anita KrahnEA​
​Taryn Luhowy9 Math, 11/12 Pre-Calc, 9-12 Phys. Ed. ​​513
​Ted Mayor​​520
​Michelle Maxwell​10-12 Essential & Applied Math, 10-12​504
​Luella Mikkelsen​
​Denis Mulaire​French, Industrial​501
​Shauna Paddock​
​Angela Roberts

​Resource, 9 ELA, Life/Work Exploration​503
​Lesley Shamray McFadden​7/8 Home Ec,  11/12 ELA​506
​David Wolfe​7-12 Band, 7 ELA &​500