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Diversity in the Workplace

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On December 7th the Grade 10 Careers class, with Mrs. Maxwell and Mrs. Raupers, went to Manitobah Mukluks in Winnipeg and the Simplot Plant in Portage La Prairie. The class has been researching what diversity in the workplace looks like for different companies and thought it would be cool to be able to see it first hand. At Manitobah Mukluks we had a tour of the factory and customer service call centre, watched them making slippers, and got to see where they design and make their prototypes for new designs and see some of the new designs.

At Simplot, we were shown the steps to making the perfect French fry and hash browns; from the bringing in of the potato, washing and peeling, cutting, quality control technology, par-cooking, flash freezing, all the way through to packaging. We even got to try some of the fries they took right off the line and cooked!!

Both of our tour guides were awesome and we learned a lot about the two industries and their workforce.