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Saddle Up and Read Scholastic Book Fair at TCS

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The Saddle Up and Read Scholastic book fair has come and gone; bringing 100 new books to classrooms and the school library. The notorious book thieves, Shep and The Rapper, were on the prowl all week but were not caught until the following week; once they realized how many new books had come to our school. PAC has been in charge of organizing this popular fundraiser for a number of years and is happy to report that kids still get excited about books and reading. Of course, part of the excitement for our lucky cowboys and cowgirls was rounding up those book thieves!

Scholastic Canada offers different formulas for fundraising groups and PAC chooses a combination of products(books) taken from the fair as well as money which we use throughout the year to support children's' activities while at school. Each year PAC offers to purchase $50 worth of books or resources for each teacher and the library, which this year was the equivalent of 100 books. Make sure your little cowpokes ask to borrow these new titles so they can share the magic of reading!