Student Support Facilitator


The STEMS (Support Team for Education in Minnedosa Schools) program began in February, 1992 through funding from the Stay-in-School initiative of the federal government (Employment and Immigration, Human Resources Development Canada).

In 1994-95 the program was extended to the four Collegiates in Rolling River Division due to the recognized success of the Minnedosa program. Funding from the Division, Small Schools, Student Support, and HRDC made this possible.

Coordinators were hired to develop and carry out the program in collaboration with school administration and staff, students, parents, community agencies, and business people.

The program has evolved and has been renamed The Mentorship Program.


To contribute to the overall goals and objectives of the Rolling River School Division by improving opportunities for all young people to fully develop the academic, social and healthy life skills needed to succeed in and transition from high school and to lead productive lives.

The Student Support Facilitators have become mentors to students in grades 7 to 12, who do not see the importance in school or who do not feel good about how they are progressing in school.

Overall, the program is meant to provide students with the supports they need to experience success, stay in school, and become more prepared for life after school.

The mentorships that develop between the Student Support Facilitators and the students fill a gap that previously existed in the system.