Internet Safety

Internet Safety for Parents

Smartphones, laptops and other digital devices are used by students at school and at home. Rolling River School Division supports the responsible use of technology by students to enhance their educational journey and give them the skills they will need in the future.  Students are also using many social media platforms to communicate with each other and share information including photos/video/text messages.  RRSD schools and staff work to support kids in making good digital choices, especially around responsible communication within a global community. If you have any questions about the use of technology at school, please contact a teacher or the principal.

Below are some resources for parents to help support their children as they navigate the digital world.

Media Smarts – Tools for Parents

Internet Safety – – Help in removing pictures, help with cyber-bullying

Government of Canada – Protect Your Family Tips

Media Smarts – Videos for Parents

Types of Social Media for Teens Explained

Social Media Benefits and Risks for Teens

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