Policy Manual

A - Foundations and Basic Commitments

ABA - Community Engagement in Education Decision Making
AC - Respect for Human Diversity
AD - Vision / Mission / Belief Statements

B - Board Governance and Operations

BAA - Guiding Principles for Board Governance
BAB - Decision Making Matrix
BBBC - Ward Vacancy - Trustee Appointment
BBF - Trustee Code of Ethical Conduct
BBFA - Trustee Conflict of Interest
BCB - Role of the Board Chair and Vice-Chair
BCD - Superintendent / Board Annual Evaluation
BCE - Board Committees - Committee of the Whole - Board Representation
BCF - School Review
BDDE - Board of Trustee Meeting - Participation by Electronic Means
BDDG - Distribution of Board Meeting Minutes
BDDH - Public Participation at Board Meetings
BDDK - Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees
BGB - Communication Protocol for Trustees
BHA - New Board Member Orientation
BHDB - Trustee Travel / Expense Reimbursement
BHE - Employee Travel Accident Insurance
BJA - Manitoba School Boards Association

C- General School Administrators

CB - Organizational Structure
CM - School Division Planning

D - Fiscal Management

DBD - School Division Budget Preparation
DBJA - School Budgets
DFA - Rolling River Education Fund
DFD - Electrical Service Parking Facilities
DIC - School Funds, Fundraising, and Fees
DID - Fixed Asset Inventory
DJA - Purchasing Authority
DJB - Petty Cash
DJE - Copyright
DLA - Payroll Schedule - Non Teaching Personnel
DLC - Employee Travel / Expense Reimbursement
DLCA - Bus Driver Hydro Compensation
DLCB - Employee Protective Footwear and Tool Allowance

E - Support Services

EBA - Building and Ground Inspections
EBB - Injury Reporting
EBC - Emergency Procedures
EBD - Universal Precautions
EBCD - Transportation - Storm Policy
ECAA - Employee Personal Use of Division Shop Facilities
ECAB - Building Access & and Visitor Identification
ECAC - Video Surveillance
ECAD - Grounds Development
EDC - Use of Physical Education Equipment
EE - Bus Servicing for Other Divisions
EEA - Student Conduct on School Bus
EEAAA - Student Transportation - Winter Dress
EEAAB - Student Transportation for Programs Not Offered
EEAAD - Student Transportation - Point of Pick-Up
EEAAE - School Bus and Fleet Vehicle - Accident
EEABA - School Bus Route Planning
EEAC - Bus Drivers - Consumption of Alcohol
EEACA - Bus Drivers Medical Examination
EEACAA - Bus Driver Training Compensation
EEACB - Transportation - Strobe Lights
EEADA - Transportation and Accommodations Sport Competitions - Field Trips
EEBA - Employee Use of Division Fleet Vehicles
EEBC - Transportation Insurance
EFAA - Surplus Goods / Equipment
EG - School Division Office Hours
EGAA - School Division Photocopiers
EHA - Records Retention and Destruction
EHB - Information Access and Privacy
EIA - Property and Liability Insurance

F - Facilities Development

No Policies or Regulations at this time.

G - Personnel

GB - Rolling River School Division - Public Service Code of Conduct
GBCA - Employee Conflict of Interest
GBCB - Harassment Prevention
GBCC - Violence Prevention
GBCD - Code of Conduct
GBCE - Whistleblower
GBCF - Acceptable Employee Use of Technology and Electronic Communication
GBCG - Employee Use of Social Media
GBCH - Print and Digital Media Publication
GBDE - Non-Union Employees Vacation
GBEA - Workplace Safety and Health
GBEB - Workplace Safety and Health Committee
GBEC - Workplace Accident Reports
GBED - Working Alone
GBG - Leave for Political Involvement
GBL - Personnel Files
GCA - Grants Application
GCBA - Disclosure of Salary Information
GCBD - Leave of Absence
GCD - Recruitment and Selection
GCDA - Personnel Records Checks
GCDAB - Employee Resignations - Employment Terminations
GCI - Employee Initiated Transfer
GCIA - Administration Reassignment Program
GCIB - Employer Initiated Teacher Transfer
GCKA - Extra Curricular Activities
GCPC - Years of Service and Retirement Recognition
GDA - Staff Job Descriptions
GDB - Personnel - Travel to Work
GDBB - Educational Assistant Wage Scale Placement
GDBC - Trades Employee Apprenticeship Training Supplementary Employment Benefit Plan
GDBCA - Employee Wireless Communication
GDBDA - Non-Union Employees Sick Leave
GDBE - Non-Union Support Staff Maternity, Adoptive and/or Parental Leave Supplementary Employment Benefit (SEB) Plan
GDH - Support Staff Anniversary
GDHA - Casual Support Staff Classification
GDN - Evaluation Guidelines - Support Staff
GDNA - Teacher Supervision and Evaluation
GDNB - School Administrator Supervision and Evaluation

I - Instruction

IGA - 4-H Credits
IGAA - Basic French Program
IGAB - Physical and Health Education - Grades 9-12
IGB - Student Services - Appropriate Education
IGBA - Student Services - Clinical Services
IGBB - Student Services - Principal's Responsibilities
IGBC - Student Services - Dispute Resolution
IGDB - Print and Digital Media Publication
IH - Kindergarten Program
IHA - Hutterite Colony School Support
IIAC - Selection of Library Resources
IICA - Educational Field Trips
IICC - School Based Volunteers
IKAA - Student Assessment and Communication of Student Achievement
IKE - Student Grade Level Placement: K-8
IKFB - Graduation Exercises and Awards

J - Students

JC - School of Choice
JECB - Foreign Exchange / International Students
JED - Student Attendance
JF - Acceptable Student Use of Technology and Electronic Communication
JFA - Code of Conduct
JFCA - Student Dress Code
JFCB - Property Damage
JFCG - Non-Smoking
JFG - Interrogation and Apprehension of Students
JG - Safe and Caring Schools
JGA - Physical Restraint
JHB-Safe and Respectful Schools - Use of Seclusion in Schools
JHCA - Students with Anaphylaxis
JHCC - Universal Precautions
JHCD - Administering Medication to Students
JHCE - Healthy Foods and Nutrition
JHF - Reporting a Child in Need of Protection
JO - Student Records
JP - School Photographs

K - School-Community Relations

KB - Rolling River School Division Websites
KG - Community Use of School Facilities
KGB - Code of Conduct
KH - Rolling River Education Fund (Replaced by DFA)
KJ - Marketing in the School Division
KLD - Resolving Complaints