Student Support Services

Student Support Services in Rolling River School Division are organized by the Student Services Coordinator. These direct and indirect services are provided to students who require a wide range of support over and above the regular classroom program.

Personnel with specialized training and experience who provide services to students include:

  • Speech & Language Pathologist
  • Social Worker / Behaviour Specialist
  • Resource Teachers
  • Early Childhood Education Facilitator
  • Guidance Counsellors
  • Student Support Facilitators
  • Educational Assistants
  • Psychological Services

Specific programs available that provide for students' individual needs include: Student Support Program (Mentorship Program); C4S (Connect 4 Success at MCI); Successmaker (Computer assisted learning K-8) as well as other individual and group support that occur within the regular classroom.

Role Descriptions

Speech and Language Pathologist

The itinerant Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) works with students who require extensive services in the development of communication skills. The SLP provides assessment services and works closely with the Resource Teachers to develop and monitor programming for referred students. Programming is delivered by Educational Assistants under the supervision of the SLP and the Resource Teacher. The SLP also provides regular training and modeling for the Educational Assistants. In addition, the SLP consults with students, staff, and parents; provides training for teachers in the area of language acquisition; and consults with Resource Teachers in IEP development.

Social Worker / Behaviour Specialist

The Social Worker/Behaviour Specialist provides support to students and their families. The Social Worker/Behaviour Specialist assists students in resolving personal, emotional, and social issues that may be interfering with students' learning and overall functioning. Individual and group counselling are available through a referral process. As well, liaison among school, home, and outside agencies is provided. The Social Worker/Behaviour Specialist assists in developing BIPs (Behaviour Intervention Plans), provides support to Crisis Intervention teams, and develops and implements inservice training programs for staff, including WEVAS. Support and consultation to school personnel dealing with challenging (“at risk”) students is also provided.

Resource Teachers

Resource Teachers have specialized training and experience in assessment techniques, program development, and strategic teaching to meet a wide range of student needs. They develop IEPs (Individual Educational Plans), BIPs (Behaviour Intervention Plans), and organize team meetings as required. The Resource Teacher in each school provides direct and indirect services to students who require extra support in their school program. He or she works with parents and staff to coordinate specialized services and provide program accommodations.

Early Childhood Education Facilitator

The Early Childhood Education Facilitator (ECEF) coordinates early childhood education opportunities within the Division, and liaises with parents and community partners. The ECEF coordinates the administration of the Early Development Inventory, and works with community partners and Kindergarten teachers in the interpretation of results. The ECEF also assembles and delivers pre-school activity/resource kits to parents of pre-school children.

Guidance Counsellors

Guidance Counsellors provide direct and indirect educational counselling services to students in the areas of personal, academic, and career development. They may work with individual, small groups or classrooms of students. They are involved in ongoing training in their area and often work with community based services. They work with classroom teachers to develop and implement preventative programs.

Student Support Facilitator (Mentorship Program)

The Student Support Facilitators are mentor to students and deals with the “whole” student (academically, emotionally, socially). Student contact is made on a one-to-one basis as well as in groups. Student Support Facilitators work with the school support team to provide successful situations for students. They focus on relating academics to real-life, preparation for tests and exams, and building self-esteem in students.

Educational Assistants

Educational Assistants work directly with special needs students under the guidance and supervision of Classroom and Resource Teachers and Principals. Their tasks range from providing for health care, physical needs, emotional support to reinforcing language and other academic concepts. Educational assistants observe progress and behaviours, keep records and daily logs, and provide regular feedback to teachers.

Psychological Services

Educational psychological services are available for assessment and programming on a contract basis. Referrals for this service are made through the Resource Teacher, Principal, and Student Services Coordinator with parental consent. This service provides suggestions for assisting students to become more effective learners.

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